Live Dealer Online Casinos

Want to find out a little bit more about live dealer casinos? Well, you are on the right page! Let us walk you through how awesome this way of playing online is.

What are Live Dealer Casinos?

Live dealer casinos aim to replicate the experience of playing a real casino. With this, a camera will be pointed at a dealer. They will, often, be located in a place which looks just like a real casino.

This means that they will be surrounded by the sights and sounds. It is quite an experience.The dealer will interact with you and others in the room. This creates a far more social experience.

There are several different games that you can play at a live dealer casino. The most popular games are roulette and blackjack. Infact if you want to play the best online blackjack then you might want to play live blackjack for the most genuine experience - the same goes for roulette of course. 

Since this is a relatively new idea which has managed to get exceedingly popular in a short span of time, the number of games available is likely to shoot up over the coming months and years. Here's how a live dealer roukette game looks like:

live dealer casinos online

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Here are Some Benefits of Playing at a Live Dealer Casinos

The main benefit is the socialness of it all. As we mentioned previously, at one of these casinos you will be able to interact with the dealer. You can do this through a little chat box. In addition to this, you will be able to talk to everybody else in the room. In our opinion, this makes the play experience that much more thrilling.

It is also nice to gamble with a real person there rather than a computer controlling the game. Now, obviously, the computer has been set up in such a way to ensure that it is completely random.

The site needs to be regularly inspected by the UK Gambling Commission for this too. However, you often can’t shake the feeling that the computer is working against you. When you have a lived dealer spinning a wheel or dealing cards, you don’t really get that feeling!

Of course, it is also nice to have something which looks like a real casino in front of you. It really adds to the play experience.

Disadvantages of a Live Dealer Casino

The only real disadvantage with playing at a live dealer casino is the fact that the minimum stake tends to be a bit higher. This is to cover the wages of the dealer.

Not a massive deal breaker by any stretch of the imagination. The fact that you need to have a decent internet connection used to be one of the main reasons why we would steer clear of these sites but this is not a major problem now as most people should have a decent connection.

How do you choose a live dealer casino site?

Well, much in the same way as you would choose any other online casino. Here a couple of hints and tips that you can use.

Our first consideration is the number of games they have available. You should remember that most online casinos will offer a game selection beyond the live games, so you should factor that into the equation.

However, you also want to know that there are several ‘rooms’ available for you to play live dealer games. There will only be a certain number of spots available in each room (to help with the socialness of this way of playing), so the more rooms, the better.

You should also consider the following:

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